Chocolate fudge..err…uh chocolate something


The other night we were watching Junior Masterchef, if you aren’t familiar with the Masterchef idea, they have a bunch of people competing to be the best chef, in the case of Junior–its kids, adorably cute kids that can cook better than most adults I know.  The theme was chocolate and we were just drooling over the mass amounts of chocolate that were being used and consumed, it made us really want some.  I had the idea for fudge, especially vegan fudge can be pretty easy to make and something we could enjoy rather quickly.  So we found us a good ole recipe and started measuring out our vegan margarine.  I was about to put it in our double boiler when I realized we had no icing sugar/confectioners sugar, i don’t know if a suitable alternative fudge component exists and I didn’t want to ruin our expensive and hard to find vegan chocolate chips, so we decided last minute to make something yummy and chocolatey and non fudgey.  I melted the chocolate chips, and put in chunk of coconut oil, added some cashews, and some coconut and stirred it all around to make these yummy chocolate clusters, then we shoved em in the freezer to set faster.  This was the end result- crunchy, chocolatey, and delicious.


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