Restaurant Review: Holy Moley Cafe


Since being Vegan, we are finding it difficult to find places to eat out, and as much as I like cooking, some days I just want someone else to cook and do the dishes.  What we have discovered is cafes and restaurants that are off the beaten path, but we have yet to be disappointed.  Holy Moley Cafe is no exception.

The cafe is clean, and brightly coloured with a wonderfully friendly staff, they know just about everyone’s name that comes in and their typical order.  They have been open for just over three years and have a steady flow of customer traffic.  They have many vegan options to suit a variety of tastes.

While I waited for my husband to arrive for lunch, we had a nice conversation about Australian Football, the North Carolina Wolly Worm festival and American soda–which they also stock.  I had a lovely Dr. Pepper, which was a nice treat.

We enjoyed reasonably priced vegan fare, and the Peanut butter joy milkshake was so good I could drink my weight in it.



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  1. Everything looks amazing, but what on earth is that magical thing wrapped in puff pastry? That looks incredible. I just found your blog through MoFo’s blogroll and I love it!

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