late night dinner foraging at the grocery store


Times like these when I have a late appointment in the city, and I worked until 7pm, and I am trying to find something to eat are hard.  I knew there wouldn’t be any restaurant close to where I was headed that would actually have anything I can eat, but sometimes the grocery store is just as bad.  I really wanted a take away food item I could pop in the microwave and have my own personal meal before the meeting started at 8:15.  I ended up with chocolate soy milk on a trial size box of cereal with a side of some veggie chips, I am surprised how much prepackaged food contains the faint little animal ingredients I am trying to avoid.  I think I need a company to come to Australia and make my grocery store foraging dreams come true.


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  1. Sometimes last minute grocery store runs can be the worst! I tend to luck out with some basic sushi offerings with carrot/avocado/cucumber rolls and inari if you are lucky.

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