Maple Walnut Pancakes


I have been craving breakfast/brunch type foods, tonight was no exception.  When I got home I thought I would just cook up some of the blueberry pancakes my dear sister in law had made, but there was only enough mix for one pancake.  I knew that wasn’t going to do for hubby and I, but we were out of blueberries, so I wasn’t sure what my next course of action was.

I thought about making Perfect Pancakes from “Vegan Brunch” so I started out, only I wanted them Maple-y-er.  So I swapped out the Maple Syrup for a tablespoon of sugar and two teaspoons of Maple extract.  Everything else was pretty standard, I also added nutmeg and cloves.  I opened up the cabinet and found chopped walnuts–this was getting better and better. I just sprinkled the nuts in after i first put the batter in, then a few more on top just for kicks!  One day when Bananas are more reasonable than $10/kg here I will buy some and slice them up with this.


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