Huevos rancheros


Anybody else ever get a craving for this? I do on a regular basis, back when I lived in the states there was a gem of a diner a few blocks from my house, and even though I can’t handle crowded restaurants I braved the Saturday brunch crowd just for the warm spicy gooey black beans and salsa on top of fluffy eggs.

I admitted in an earlier post my fear of tofu, the other night I made some tofu bacon, and it was really salty–disappointingly so, I just never imagined one little piece of tofu could soak up all that marinade. So I abandoned that, even though I had a whole slab of un marinated tofu shaved into bacon thin strips, so i just slammed it in the freezer and decided I would deal with it later.  For some reason it kept calling to me from the freezer so I decided to shut it up once and for all!

First I thought I need a good base, so I grated potatoes and sweet potatoes and put those in the oven to get all hashbrown-y, I may have unintentionally added animal product when grating the potatoes as my fingers tips are missing bits of skin–oops, at least I was the only animal harmed, and not enough to actually bleed or prevent me from typing right now.  oh and I actually put the black beans on first, since I was lazy and didn’t soak them, you could use canned black beans and it would shorten your time immensely.  So the potatoes went into the oven with some Olive oil and some kind of salty seasoning mix I had in my cabinet.

Then onto the tofu.  It was still frozen, so i tried to just break off pieces, but that only worked a little, I took the knife too it and just hacked off little chunks, threw them frozen into a non stick pan on the stove with a wee bit of olive oil.  Put a lid on it.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I grabbed some fresh herbs from my garden; sage, thyme, parsley, about a handful and chopped that up, mixed it with a spoonful of minced garlic from the jar in the fridge, a dash of liquid smoke and about 5 shakes of soy sauce, a sprinkling of nutritional yeast, onion powder, some veggie stock.  I wanted it to be liquidy but I didnt want the mishap of the tofu bacon so i added water to stretch it.  The tofu was just about un-frozen, and the skillet was getting kinda sizzle-y.  so i poured the concoction and recovered the tofu to let it simmer in it for a few minutes.

The beans were just about done, I always wait til the end to season my beans, if you put salt in too soon, it inhibits their ability to be soft.  So i added a couple tablespoons of molasses, some liquid smoke, onion, garlic, chili powder, cumin, coriander, oregano from the garden.  I like my beans pretty sweet, so i added a little brown sugar ( I think maybe a little too much, but they were tangy sweet against the salty tofu in the end) just before they were done I threw in some frozen corn, for added vegetable content and to cover the fact that traditionally Huevos Rancheros is served with corn tortillas, mind you it’s also served with eggs, but this is my kitchen and I will do as I please!

Topped it off with some store bought salsa, maybe this year I will make my own, since my herbs are doing so nicely and my peppers have started to sprout and this week the tomatoes get potted, but for now, store bought is ok. Finished just in time for the hubby to get home from Uni, famished as usual, he enjoyed his in wrap form.


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  1. This looks pretty amazing, but when I had huevos rancheros the first time back in June or July, I didn’t like them too much. I just ate the potato part. haha. I might try this though, there’s plenty of vegan recipes for huevos rancheros.

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