Why I’m a vegan…


My wife and I decided to go vegan a few months ago. Thought it might be of interest to some to explain some of the reasoning behind our decision, so here goes…
We are at present living with my sister (or she is living with us, whatever) who has been vegan for several years now. Little by little, her continued insistence (not in a nagging way, but in an I-care-for-you-and-your-health kind of way), started to make an impact on me. I asked my wife one day if she would like to try going vegan for a few weeks after reading in Vegan Planet of the health benefits. She agreed to give it a go, and the challenge had begun.
During those three weeks, I think we ate better than we ever had before. All of a sudden, there was a deliberate effort on both our parts to consider what we were eating, and how it was impacting our health and the general environment. After Googling vegan, and arriving at the PETA web site, I suddenly realized just what my previous eating habits had been doing to the environment, and to animals in particular.
So what started out as a practicality (we can all eat the same meal at home now) coupled with a healthier diet has turned into taking a stand for animal rights and the environment (at least on my part). My wife and I are both healthier now than before, and we have no plans to ever return to our carnivorous past.
The only challenge I still face is trying to explain to people that being vegan is a lot more than just eating salad. One look at my wife’s Facebook photos of some of the meals we have been eating (she is an avid photographer) will show anyone that we can still eat a lot of the meals we used to enjoy; it just takes a little more effort and thought. Check out the post of the sweet and sour ‘pork’ we had last night for an example…and if I hear ‘But you’re not getting enough protein’ one more time, well anyway…
Attention world…meat is not the only source of protein!
Anyway, that’s it for today, at least from me. The advantage of this blog is that all three of us post to it, so perhaps someone else will add their bit today, or perhaps not…stay tuned!


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