Look out world, here we come!


The three of us just want to say we are going to rock the socks off the vegan world and the omni world. We have some strange kitchen adventures and weird former omnivorous cravings, but we are going the way of ethics and health-better for us, better for our world.

E-cupcake queen, sister of A, has been vegan for about 7ish years

A-a reformed meatatarian, gorgeous husband of R, has been vegan for 2 months

R- creative daredevil, has dabbled into veganism for some time, but has been hardcore for 2 months

We may not be the most experienced Vegans, but we are living and learning together as we go and now that the Nutritional Yeast drought is over for Australia, we have a lot more than a hill of beans to work with.


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